Onstage live sex shows

Comedy is often a big part of the show and audience participation is encouraged as part of the cheeky atmosphere, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself eating a banana out of somewhere very strange. So we went bk for 3pm show all i can say is what waste of money and scam. A theatre set up with seats close to the stage so everyone can get a look. We wouldn’t rush in to see another but certainly say the place and atmosphere were not uncomfortable for a married couple to take a look. When we questioned this and asked why only 4 of the 8 listed performances had played the cashier replied “we didnt ever tell you it was all of the acts did we now”. Live sex was just a boring show by two very average people going through the motions. It’s an hour show u wait 10-15mins between acts please not only see 3 acts for bout 3 mins each.

Moulin rouge opening hours

Onstage live sex shows.

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So anyway we were told to go back 3pm the next day. Threesome daniela evans & julia de lucia fuck on stage by viciosillos.