Men jealous of female orgasm

Do men feel jealous for women being able to have multiple orgasm at a time, more than men? - quora

Why do we have o with some men and not with others? i don’t think we can orgarm in 2 minutes. My boyfriend and i have great sex and he is very skilled. All in the mind for some women. From the male point of view (ok, the male point of view that is married and would likes a good sex life), i agree. The women, who had a long term relationship (more than 6 months), talked in detail about the number of orgasms experienced. I just realised how inappropriate that was 😕 Beyond the broad strokes of gender, individual differences further shape our jealous reactions.

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As childish as you may think this is (but hey, if it can work in your favor, go for it), yes we like to think we’re the stud who rocks your world. Ladies i want to say something. Rest assured man, you’re getting the better deal unless you just have weak orgasms for a male.

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