Japanese female bikini wrestling

As the years grind on, lots of pin-up models try to move into different fields, whether that be singing or acting. You disliked this video. Hernandez, who lived in san francisco before coming to japan, became the first foreigner to train from scratch and work her way up into japanese women’s pro wrestling. Stardom female professional wrestling guest fighter chelsea (bottom) trains with a fellow wrestler at a boxing gym in tokyo, october 1, 2015. Yuzuki aikawa made her name aas a pin-up model, appearing in glossies. Wrestlers fight during their stardom female professional wrestling show at shinkiba 1st ring in tokyo, december 6, 2015. As a rule of thumb, japanese pro wrestling can get extreme, with wrestlers duking it in out barbed wire rings, hitting each other with flaming chairs, and leaving the ring a bloody mess.

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Japanese female bikini wrestling.

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Wrestler act yasukawa (r), jumps at kairi hojo during their stardom female professional wrestling show at korakuen hall in tokyo, december 23, 2015. Sellers with the best customer service and fast shipping are rewarded by ebay through the top rated seller program. While american pro wrestling tends to be more concerned with cartoonish physique and dubious acting skills, the opposite is true in the east where the art of wrestling is still very much alive.