Husband self suck

About 4 years ago, i had an exoctic girlfriend and the subject came up concerning: tasting your own semen. It took a lot of effort, but, i learned to suck my own cock a few years ago. I have never had a female lover who didn’t enjoy it. It’s such a pretty little pink flower down there. I would if i could, but it makes my back hurt just to think about it. Fast forward about month and now i can lick the tip and after that i knew i had a new goal and there was no turning back. It’s not a big deal since i like sucking other guys too, just don’t have the opportunity very often so i stay in practice blowing myself! i keep pretty flexible with stretches, but nothing makes you as limber as doing it to yourself.

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Husband self suck.

Selfellatio – can you suck your own dick?

I hope you have a similar experience. She came twice that evening. I am so glad for this website because it opens the discussion whereas it had been sheltered in a weired group in porn sites.