Hardened steel strip stock

This is high carbon steel strips with martensite grain structure with high tensile strength, produced by passing strips through long continuous heating furnace and oil quenching. Plants at khopoli and sahibabad. Among the different products we produce are strips in trimmed and edged steel, annealed strips for springs, strips in flattened and hammered steel and cold rolled steel strips. Liquid metal bath quenching with automatic computerised temperature control system is employed which is different from the conventionally used oil quenching process.


Hardened steel strip stock.

Standard sizes of hardened and tempered strips in stock

And use computerised tracking systems to follow your order through to delivery. 431, 440a, b and c, 501 and 502. The stock is detailed below and is in addition to our traditional range of hardened, tempered & polished spring steel strip and sheet.