Fluttering feeling in clitoris

Just want it to go away. The muslces get somewhat responsive too, leading to contraction for some women. So enjoy all of them. As the cause is unknown, finding a solution that works may take some trial and error. I have been seeing a women’s health physio privately who has helped with all the tension and the bladder pain. What i was wondering is if there’s a way for me to stop peeing during, and if there’s away for me to learn how to squirt? It may worth considering a course of physio next to help with the muscle spasms but make sure you get one who is a specialist in pelvic pain.

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Fluttering feeling in clitoris.

Your hysterectomy date

Another strange symptom is that both my outer thighs get ice cold if my body temperature drops slightly and they do not warm up but remain icy. Mine has certainly not gone, but it is much more bearable that it used to be. The reason i’m questioning it is it’s not as big as a clitoral orgasm.