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A similar approach of offering low price points and working with retailers to get prominent display positions can help local manufacturers and distributors attract interest from local buyers. As the tanzanian alcohol market can be described as quiet mature, one of the most powerful ciders on the market being savanah. However, to succeed with penetration pricing, a company must have enough capital to stay in business until the price can be increased; the initial low prices likely don’t include much or any profit for the company. While not an aggressive approach, status quo pricing offers the benefit of low risk. Drivers: a driver is something about your product or service that influence your customers’ willingness to buy and to pay. This is an inherent nature of the penetration strategy, where you yourself are breaking the customer from another brand and attracting him to your brand.

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Penetration pricing is a common strategy often used for new company or product launches. In short, you get a recipe for how to price “right”, how to market “right” and how to sell “right”.