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They were ignored – people have “rights” apparently. In the case of the donor, he loses privacy, and other intangible qualities such as harm to reputation etc. I would consider it equally as strange if someone was to track down their kidney donor in the hope of forming a sibling bond with the person’s children. And curiously, you don’t find too many. They don’t have a true father/daughter relationship as she grew thinking of another man as her father, but it comforts my half-sister to have him in her life, if only occasionally. They get over their childish obsessions with time. When they’re ready to procreate, they could have the registry check that their prospective partner isn’t closely related.

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Donor sperm support.

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Third party reproduction has become a relatively common means of reproduction. Studies have shown that up to 90 per cent of recipient parents never tell their children the truth about their origins. I’m sorry that you feel that way peter.