Home Sweet Home

Tom Whitty is miffed about Australia’s housing affordability situation:

I’m tired of the weekends spent travelling from one underquoted property to the next, only to be left feeling like an idiot when an auction opens above what would have been our final limit. I’m tired of the car trips back to our rented home, with my hopeful girlfriend talking about how the next property might be the one where we can raise some kids together.

I’m tired of explaining to my peers how negative gearing works, and then explaining why allowing investors to speculate on the housing market is to the detriment of our generation. I’m tired of the politicians who have consistently avoided addressing Australia’s housing affordability issue over the past decade.

File this in the policies-that-benefit-boomers-and-screw-everyone-else cabinet. And finally…

I’m outraged when I read the occasional report that goes so far as to make the argument that those of us that belong to Generation Y (the renting generation) are too greedy and lazy to know what’s good for us. The irony of such a statement is not lost on me.

For my own part, I’ve quietly disengaged from the whole process and decided I don’t really need to own a home.