Bisexual experience with best friend

In his book every little step, brown said whitney was bisexual saying he believed her family kept her from living with the woman. Absolutely that bisexual people are just confused and they must check the box for straight or check the box for gay. It’s this plus a heavy dose of remembering that these years are experimental. I think this kind of thing is a lot more common among young guys than american culture wants to admit, probably as common as girl/girl experimentation. I do discourage them from being dishonest about it, with themselves and with their partners. Am older than him and i dont ve e same feelings for him but he told to me he is in with me.

Why were they there?

Bisexual experience with best friend.

Burgered off

This is okay, but it is not bisexuality. Even though we were both home for the summer, jenna was busy all the time.