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Steve Androulakis Steve is a software engineer in a biochemistry lab at Monash University. He enjoys beginning sentences with I wonder and I have a theory, much to the delight or dismay of his coffee buddies. He tweets as @spetznatz. ... More >

Judith Bessant
Judith Bessant Professor Judith Bessant researches and writes in areas of social policy, sociology and ethical governance and is currently engaged in a research project on new media and new politics. She can be contacted at ... More >

Julian Burnside Julian Burnside AO QC is an Australian Barrister and an advocate for human rights and fair treatment of refugees. ... More >

Sean Delaney
Sean Delaney Sean often fears himself a misanthrope and yet, perhaps by that very same virtue, he is not. Despite having such cloyingly-complimentary epithets as 'square peg, round hole' and 'does not play well with others' thrust toward him, he usually manages to find a will to persevere. ... More >

Gerhard Hoffstaedter
Gerhard Hoffstaedter Gerhard is a co-founder of the Melbourne Free University and now teaches anthropology at the University of Queensland, researching religion, ethnicity and the state, international development and refugees in Southeast Asia. He also blogs ... More >

Phill Jones
Phill Jones Phill is a writer and musician who is hoping to complete his anthropology degree before he becomes distracted once again. And, as always, Phill is actively seeking worthwhile distractions. ... More >

Anthony May Anthony has been a geek since the age of two when he poked a knife into a power point and nearly burned himself and the house to the ground. Aside from self-employment in small business IT geekery, he has armchair interests - and more than a few furious frustrations - in 'the human condition' and wh ... More >

Liam Moore
Liam Moore Liam is completing honours in philosophy while maximising his utility deliverables as an investigator and all-round pedant for an ombudsman. He is still figuring out what the good life looks like, but he suspects it might involve learning to play the flute. ... More >

Melinda Phelps
Melinda Phelps Melinda has been a teacher in a Government Secondary School for 6 years and is currently completing her Master of Education. She has a fascination with the ways policy and teaching interact and counteract. She tweets as @superhotmel. ... More >

Danu Poyner Danu is the founder of Canny Outlaw and its chief contributor. He has a social science degree in public policy but asks that this not be held against him. You can find out more about Danu at his website. ... More >

Thomas Rodham
Thomas Rodham Thomas is a graduate student who blogs on philosophy, politics and economics at The Philosopher's Beard. His central theme is bourgeois liberalism. ... More >

Myles Tankle
Myles Tankle Myles is a Melbourne-based actor, capoeirista and photography enthusiast. He is philosophically resigned to the fact that he habitually takes the long way round in most things, and likes to smile when he realises he's done it again. ... More >

Rob Watts
Rob Watts Rob is Professor of Social Policy at RMIT University. He believes we need only do one thing wellthink what we dobut that it may be the hardest task we ever face. ... More >

Amanda Young
Amanda Young Amanda is a research assistant at Monash University and is completing a Masters degree in Linguistics. Had she known how much alcohol linguists consume, she would've taken up her current career path much sooner. ... More >